10 Questions with Yvonne Arias

Yvonne Arias is a rising star who has recently performed in several Independent features including Gamers.  She is quickly the first to admit that Gamers is by far the best of the lot.  She has even been overheard saying Gamers was a life changing experience that she wouldn’t trade for the world.  She has also appeared in several national television shows including: Passions, Scrubs and ER.

In Gamers she portrays Veronica, the girlfriend of an Argentinean named Fernando.

1. What made you decide to audition for the film Gamers?

I heard the amazingly talented Christopher Folino was directing and I couldn't help myself.

2. Tell us a little bit about your character, Veronica, and how you prepared for the role.

Veronica is a down girl. she knows what she wants and she knows how to get it and she will not take any lip. As for preparing, I worked with the real Fernando and he gave me some insight into the type of person veronica is, but I also added my own flavor to it based on how I interpreted her character in the script.

3. Do you consider yourself a Diva?


4. Tell us about your experience meeting and working with the real Fernando.

Fernando's cool and he helped me and Joe out a lot with our Spanish and giving us background info about our characters. He was there with us for every take making sure we felt good about our Spanish dialogue. It was challenging because I'd never played an Argentinean so having him on set to familiarize us was great.

5. What was it like being the only female in your scenes and being surrounded by such

Honestly... I couldn't focus. between every take I had to take a private moment, take deep breaths and do positive affirmations to get me back on track. Their hotness was so intense.

6. What was your favorite moment during filming?

It was pretty funny during the parrot scene in the restroom when I was jumping up and down yelling and screaming and my dress fell down.

7. Tell us about the challenges of having bi-lingual scenes, but not knowing Spanish.

Well, I'm semi-fluent, but the challenge with this project was that veronica is from Argentina and the Spanish I know is Mexican. Fernando was really helpful in this area. He made sure certain words were kept in line with the Argentinean culture.

8. How did you like working with such a talented director like Christopher Folino?

Do you even have to ask. I was ecstatic. No, but seriously, Chris was great to work with and considering our time schedule and other factors, it was pretty amazing how he kept his composure.

9. Have you ever played any role-playing games?


10. If you could have dinner with anyone, living or dead (no relatives or religious figures), who would it be and why?

Woody Allen. He's a comic genius. If you can make someone laugh consistently, that's huge.