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Press Clippings

ABC interviewed Chris Folino, Gamers' director, Roberto Blasini, Gamer's D.P., and William Katt on Dec. 29.

A segment about Gamers will be on Gamer.TV on STARZ.

Chris Folino, director of Gamers, was interviewed on CNN Pipeline on November 30th.

The Hollywood Reporter featured an article about Chris Folino and the making of Gamers in 2006.

"2006 Best Film of the Year" at

"Best Professional Film" at Gen Con Indy 2006

"Best Screenplay" at 7th Melbourne Underground Film Festival

"Best Indie Film" at Indie Film Nation

"The movie is a lot of fun."
– George Pennacchio of ABC Channel 7, Los Angeles

"It has a very rather humorous premise to it"
– Daniel Sieberg of CNN Pipeline

"Five out of Five Stars... Earns more Experience points than ten Happy Madison Productions"
– Erik Childress of

"9 out 10 Stars"
– The Dude of

"The movie is sharp and witty, and sort of slams SPINAL TAP into OFFICE SPACE, with an episode of FAMILY GUY stuck in the middle."
– Ian Bonds of (Kevin Smith's website)

"If you've ever sunk endless hours of dedication and love into a game or an RPG character, you'll understand exactly what the guys in Gamers are going through."
– Abbie Heppe of Tips & Tricks Magazine, October 2006

"Geekhood is celebrated at it's best in "Gamers" a very funny film"
– Jonathan W. Hickman (Entertainment Insiders) of

"A hilarious film to watch for gamers (video or card) as well as geeks in general or those that like to make fun of them."
– Kyle Bell of

"It's Spinal Tap meets Free Enterprise, for throwers of 20-sided dice"
– Dave Davis of

"8.5 out of 10"
– Mark Smith of

"Gamers has spark, heart and originality"
– Derek McCaw of

"Enjoy it, laugh at it, and be glad you're not them."
– Michael Ahlf of Glide Underground

"Gamers has an appealing twisted sense of humor"
– Rob Gonsalves of

"I give it a 9 out 10"
– Geek Woman of

"This comedy is a blend of Napoleon Dynamite and This Is Spinal Tap"
– John Gaudiosi of Home Media Retailing Magazine

"It could well become a beloved cult film, and not only for the Gamer set"
– Chris Ryall of

"the next cult classic movie"
– Shannon Drake of

"A much funnier and meaner Napoleon Dynamite"
– Patrick Jankiewicz of Dreamwatch Magazine

"This film delivers a truck load of laughs"
– Mike Smith of Indie Film Nation

"This one is the real deal, people. You will laugh and everyone will see some of themselves in this movie"
– Jason Driver of

"This is a solid release from Sideshow of a flick that will definitely own a spot on many cult film fan's shelves in the future."
– Joseph Luster of

"Gamers is an amiable, likeable - and funny - film that doesn’t demand the audience to be into gaming to enjoy."
– Mike Everleth of

"Gamers has a twisted sense of humor... Fun stuff."
– Scoot Weinberg of

"Some of the cruelest and funniest film moments you’re likely to see"
– Ed Fear of

"Mockumentaries are hard to pull off and I think he did a great job of taking an extremely uninteresting game (for most of us, anyhow) and poking some cruel, old-fashioned fun at it."
– Annie Giannini of

" It's somewhat dark and downright cruel, but it's also freekin' hilarious. A solid 4 ˝ cans out of 5."
– Mike Eshelman of

"What really sells the film, however, is the comedy. There are some truly classic bits."
– Daniel "Monk" Pelfrey of

"There are moments in this film that'll make you laugh until you cry."
– Cindy Yans of Computer Games Magazine

– James Fudge of

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