10 questions with Niko Posey

Niko Posey hails from Chicago, Illinois and is one of the brightest and funniest actresses in the industry today. In addition to acting Niko is an incredible singer and one of the most charismatic individuals you'll ever meet. While working at the Sweet Bean Cafe in Chicago, at the young age of eighteen. Niko was approached to become a model and was quickly signed by the Susanne Johnson Modeling Agency later she would be signed by the Ford model and Talent agency where she also began her Acting career. Niko easily moved into acting where she has appeared on numerous Television shows such as Will and Grace, Karen Sisco and First Monday. Even more impressive, is the fact that Sprint tapped her to be the "Funny Singing Girl" for one of their most famous TV Campaigns “Tha Bank”. We caught up with Niko Posey and asked her ten questions.

How did you get involved in the movie "Gamers"? Why did you want to be a part of this indie film?

My Theatrical Agent Nancy Abt at Daniel Hoff Talent (that’s my lil shout out) submitted me for the role of Stephanie. I got the call that my audition would be the day after the 4th of July..need I say more HANGOVER but I obviously rocked it right Chris? I do remember thinking to myself I am going to go in there in my earthy original costume hangover and all and do my job ( or at least that is what I thought ) I remember walking into the casting room and thinking ok all the other sista’s auditioning for Stephanie stole my costume idea…so much for originality. This indie film was a great experience for me. After reading the script I had the funniest visions of what it would look like on film and new I wanted to be a part of the film. Where else could I dress a Klan’s men I mean Wizard.

2. Tell us about your role in the film, who you do play?


I play the earthy spunky Stephanie who has a long history with Kevin including designing all of his costumes. I am a world renowned costumer in the Gamer world that is. There was “Halston” now there is “Stephanie”

3. Your scene with Kevin Sherwood dressed as the "White Wizard" was heavily improvised, which makes it even funnier?


And what's best is that their is a lot of chemistry between you both? Amazing for a one day shoot? Please explain the scene? Funny Kevin and I both had tons of different back stories that we had come up with…little do people know but I will let you in on the secret. I designed that Wizard suit to look like a K.K.K suit to get back at Kevin for our sorted past and Kevin knows what I mean . )

4. What was your favorite moment on the set of the film?


The day we shot our scene and the Scene with Kevin Sherwood, Kevin Kirkpatrick and Chris Hollyfield aka Biggie Small to me that is. Kevin, Kevin and Chris where practicing there scene where Kevin gets beat up in the street by Chris. Kevin S is still wearing his Wizard costume which to the general public looks very K.K.Kish and this young guy good looking I might add drives by in his muscle car with his confederate flag license plate and is like right on brother K.K.K…I laughed so hard..well we all did actually….I wanted to say he’s Gandolf you goof ball I mean the Wizard…honestly I don’t think he would have known the difference.

5. You attended the film premiere for "Gamers"? Was it what you expected the film to be?


Honestly I expected the film to be funny. The movie exceeded my expectations I have not laughed that hard since Team America…durkah durkah durkah Mohammed jihad. LOL

6. If you could play any role in a film? What would it be?


I would want to play a dark character with a lot of layers or colors as C.D’s say…whenever they say that I always envision a leprechaun at the end of a rainbow doing the Irish jig. I think what I enjoy most about acting is going deep within and finding all that stuff in there and pulling it to the surface. Exploring all sides of who I am.

7. What's been your favorite moment as an actress?


My favorite moment or moment’s are when I get to audition for C.D’s, Producer’s, Director’s and Writers. I love planting seeds. I love being able to walk into a room and meet new people, connecting and sharing my talent’s and I love of course when they get me. It’s magical : ) I did love seeing my name roll up on the credit for Gamers way cool!

8. If you could only chose between modeling, acting, and singing which one would it be?


Acting because with acting I have the ability to be the other two. Modeling and Singing are just other characters for me to play and within them many more characters…It’s all Acting..yet it’s all me..I think it’s pretty “Hot” as Paris says to play the quirky, sexy, androgynous, crazy roles, does that make me schizo? L.O.L all I hear in my head is Paris sayin that’s “Hot”…I can see it now, me playing a different characters on my reel and at random moments Paris Hilton popping up saying “that’s hot” hey that’s a good idea ..ok maybe not.

9. What's your advise for models who are attempting to cross over into the acting world?


Please Please Please study your craft. It’s one thing to be a pretty face but more powerful to be great at what you do. No one can deny a talented Actor and if they do it usually isn’t about your acting skills but something else and personally I prefer not to get a job because I remind someone of their ex etc not because I didn’t do my job well.

10. If you could have dinner with anyone living or dead, but wasn't a religious figure or related to you, who would it be and why?


Hey let the mystics tell it we are all related right? Ok back to the question.. Madonna and Angelina Jolie. Talented, Powerful and Beautiful women who know what they want, won’t let anyone stand in there way and won’t accept no for an answer. These women are controversial women because they are different in ways that most women wish they were and probably to afraid to admit. Now with these two women I would agree with the Mystics we are related…let’s just say we are SOUL sistah’s or at least that’s the story I am telling everyone.. yeh Madonna and A.J are my sister’s...from another mother of course.