10 QUESTIONS with Meredith Zealy

Meredith Zealy is a talented actress who has done it all. From giving the best performance in The Notebook to guest star roles in "Three Sisters", "Crossing Jordan", and "Just Shoot Me". In addition to filming, Meredith loves surfing, rock climbing, martial arts, stunt driving and everything else that scares her - talents that landed her the role as Britney Murphy's right hand woman in the film Little Black Book. She also volunteers weekly as a hot line counselor at the Suicide Prevention Center in Los Angeles.  Meredith plays Angela in the movie Gamers and we were lucky enough to sit down with her for 10 questions.

1. Meredith, why did you audition for the movie Gamers?

Because it made more sense than stalking the director, Chris Folino, for months.

2. What is it like to work on a large budget film like The Notebook and then go to an ultra low budget film like Gamers?

Didn't really notice a difference except I couldn't ever quite find the craft service truck on the Gamers set.....

3. Tell us a little bit about Angela and her role in the movie. This is a guy film and there appears to be hardly any meaty parts for women...

Angela is that cool girl in high school that everyone knew but no one could date because she was either dating the college guy or the hottest guy in the senior class. In Gamers, we get to experience what happens more often than not when the high school prom queen, 20 years later, has accomplished nothing and realizes that that "nerd" in high school has more going than ANY of the guys she's ever dated. As far as this being a guy film and hardly any meaty parts for women, I just think of the films such as "Girl Interrupted" and "The Hours" and figure the guys in the film probably felt the same way. Jipped. 100% jipped.

4. What was it like working with Kevin Kirkpatrick? Did you both do a lot of improvisation or did you stick to the script?

Working with Kevin was like playing with play-doh. Any shape he took on during the scene was fun to watch and play with. We stuck to the script except for a certain speech about how he is a hero, and every time he just got funnier and more retarded.

5. Are you a gamer? Did you kill a Troll or pretend to be an Elf warrior when you were younger?


Nope. Missed out.

6. As Angela, you play the popular girl Gordon crushed on in high school. What were you like in high school?


Dropout prevention list. Yup. But I had the highest GPA on that list. I just NEVER went to school except on test day and that was usually once a week. Maybe. So I wasn't like Angela in the slightest. But I knew an Angela.....

7.You're mom is played by Kelly LeBrock in the movie. 
Was that cool bragging rights to tell your own mother?


Mom thought that was cool.

8. So, in real life, would a geek like Gordon ever have a chance? Remember, most of the people reading this Q&A are gamers. No pressure.


After high school, geeks have it made. Just live long enough to get out. It's worth it. Trust me. Put the razor blade down and graduate.

9. What would be the perfect role for you as an actress?


A role in a Quentin Tarantino film.

10. If you could have dinner with anyone living or dead, who wasn't a relative or a religious figure, who would it be and why?


Chris Folino's mom. I mean, really, where did his sacrilegious sense of humor come from?????