10 Questions with Manuel Silva


Manuel Silva can do it all. From fashion to producing Manuel was a critical part of the success of getting "Gamers" made.

For over twelve years, Manuel has been a leading costume designer in the theater world creating original costumes for plays such as  "Five woman wearing the same dress" to "I love my wife".

Manuel started designing late in life, however, his passion for fashion cannot be denied.

This was his first film project and his amazing detail and social skills quickly earned him the title producer.
We sat down with Manuel and were able to get ten questions answered



1.  How did you get involved with the film Gamers?


I was referred to the project by a fellow theatre costumer.  The notice was very short as the shooting was to start in a week.  Normally I would have turned down the offer, but the script was very funny and everyone on the crew was so nice that I decided to accept.


2.  How did you begin your career in costume design?


I started out doing set design for theatre and that led to costumes, which I love!  I was lucky enough to be selected by a first time director to design costumes for a show, and the rest is history.


3.  Do you prefer designing costumes for the stage or for motion pictures?


This is the first time I have designed costumes for a film and I have to say that it was a completely different experience than designing for theatre.  Both have their challenges, but I found working on a film to be fun and exciting.  I am looking forward to working more in the film industry.


4.  Tell us about your adventure designing and sewing the white wizard robe for Kevin, the Dungeon Lord.


Didn’t you watch the movie?  Stephanie designed it.  Just kidding…I was going for something “grand and pure”, and I think that’s what we got.


5.  Did you have any challenging moments getting one of the actors to wear a particular costume?


There was someone on the set that I would have liked to hit with my car…repeatedly.  But I think it is probably inappropriate (and possibly illegal) to say who that was.  The wigs were fun.


6.  Are you going to create your own clothing line based on your costume designs for Gamers?


Definitely!!!  The ‘80s are SOOO back!  I’m lying.  Nobody would wear that stuff.  But we are working on some t-shirt designs with quotes from the film.


7.  What were some of the challenges of taking on the role of producer while having all of the costuming responsibilities?


I didn’t take on a lot of “producer” responsibilities until filming was over, so there wasn’t really any overlap.  Since I have never been a producer, learning the ropes was a little challenging, but a lot of it seems to be just calling people, getting people paid, making sure everything gets wrapped up.  It’s not too difficult, just a lot of PR.  I think I could make a career out of it.


8. What was your favorite moment during filming?


I can’t pinpoint one moment, but my favorite part of the whole process was during the actual filming.  It was very exciting to see so many people, cast and crew, working so hard towards the same goal.  Everyone was so into it, and that made it a lot of fun.


9.  Where you offended by any of the material in this movie; specifically the use of the “F” word?


I have to say, everyone was very polite…no one even mentioned the word “fat” in my presence.


10.  If you could have dinner with anyone, living or dead (no relatives or religious figures), who would it be and why?


Renald McJones…I want to know his secrets for a good sex life!