10 Questions with William Katt


William Katt has been working as a professional actor for more than two decades. His earlier film credits include the role of a jock in the 1976 film “Carrie”, and the role of the Sundance Kid in the 1978 film “Butch and Sundance; The Early Days.” Katt then got the role of Ralph Hinkley, a mild-mannered schoolteacher who is given a flying suit by aliens, on the television series “The Greatest American Hero” in 1981.  Now, find out if he’d be willing to work with the “Gamers” team again.


1.  What made you want to get involved with the movie “Gamers”?


I laughed out loud when I read the script.


2.  Tell us about your character in the movie and how you developed your part as “Reese’s Boss”.


The scene indicated to me that his boss had a hidden agenda and was fairly self absorbed. Actually, when I think about it... he could be like any of us.


3.  What was the defining moment in your life when you knew you wanted to become an actor? 


I got in a tight spot once upon a time and had to act my way out of it. By the end of the night I realized there might be a future in it.


4.  Considering your extensive background in film and television; what was it like to work with these newcomers on this low-budget independent film?


Refreshing. They didn't know that they couldn't do it.


5. As a professional actor, do you find more enjoyment in film work, or do you prefer television?


I prefer work. Period. Especially fun work.


6.  Your role as the Greatest American Hero in the early eighties made you a household name for many Americans.  How do you feel about being considered a cult hero to the Sci-Fi/Fantasy community?


Who knew a cape would be a fashion statement!


7.  Have you ever played any role-playing games? 


I've raised 4 kids and been married twice. Role playing is endless and always a learning experience.

8. Tell us about some of the new projects you have in development?


I've directed two films and a few plays. I'm currently developing a new interpretation of a Greek myth.


9.  Would you ever be willing to work with these freaks again? 

(Can we have your autograph at the premier, because we were afraid to ask during production?)


I'd work with these freaks any time. Who knew they'd all be working in drag. Can't wait to see the DVD and omitted footage. Wow!!


10.  If you could have dinner with anyone, living or dead (no relatives or religious figures), who would it be and why?


John Lennon.