10 Questions with Joe Nieves


Joe Nieves television and film career includes several guest appearances on national shows like: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, NYPD Blue, The X Files,  24, Six Feet Under and more. He can be seen on the big screen on films like “Cottonmouth” or "Carnival Sun".

In Gamers, he portrays an Argentinean that joins a group guys in the lifetime journey into the virtual world of DND.


1.  How did you decide to become an actor?


I actually always wanted to be a professional football player. I played for a terrible division III school for one year and eventually realized that it wasn't going to happen. I left school and tried several different ridiculous jobs. I piled old newspapers on top of each other for like 3 cents a pound, I worked an 8-hour day and made a grand total of 4 dollars. So that didn't work out. I then sold Kirby vacuums door to door for a few months…a pretty lucrative gig for a decent looking 21-year-old male. Not to toot my own horn but the housewives loved me. The stories I could tell. We should make that movie, Chris. I eventually quit because I felt dirty.  I then did some short films and plays and surprisingly felt that same rush that I felt when making a big hit on the football field when I was on stage. I knew right then and there that acting was what I had to do.


2. What made you want to be a part of the film Gamers?


Strangely enough, I've always wanted to play an un-athletic, Argentinean immigrant who barely speaks English, has a disgusting job, dedicates his every waking moment to an RPG, and has a gay brother who dresses up as clown. What a glorious coincidence!


3.  Tell us a little bit about your character, Fernando, and how you prepared for the role. 


Fernando happens to be the coolest of the group (which isn't saying much at all). He's actually a stand-up guy. He loves his buddies, he's responsible, he loves the ladies and he just happens to love DND as well. I think Fernando and I actually have a lot in common. That's pretty scary.

Something I've always wanted to do is play a character based on a real person, and although I would say Fernando is very loosely based on the real Fernando (who happens to be a great guy). I really enjoyed watching and talking to Fernando and getting down some little eccentricities that he has. He was a great help to me. I was worried about the Argentinean accent, because I've never heard one before. So it was exciting to hear him talk and try and do some justice to the accent. The toughest part was learning to speak some Spanish the Argentinean way. It is completely different than any other dialect that I am familiar with. Fernando got a real kick out of listening to my sorry attempts at it. Hopefully it turned out okay in the final product.


4.  Tell us about your experience meeting and working with the real Fernando.


Uh oh. I think I just did that prematurely (story of my life).


5.  In one scene in the movie, you get “shot” in the line of duty.  Can you tell us the secret recipe for horse juice and how you figured it out?


I am a method actor so it was indeed horse juice from the lovely beast in the movie. We had quite a time. It's true what they say about these torrid on screen romances. I miss him deeply.


6.  (In two parts) what were the challenges of playing a bilingual



I'm bad at this. I answered this one in question 4 as well. I'M SO



Do you actually know how to speak Spanish?


Sin comentarios.


7. What was your favorite moment during filming?


I had fun dressing in the afro wig and playing myself at 17. Those clothes and wigs were hilarious. That was fun.


8.  Would you be willing to work on a sequel to Gamers, if there is one?


That would be wonderful. I truly had a great time with everyone associated with this film, cast and crew included. I think we all had a great chemistry.


9.  Have you ever played any role-playing games?


I did play D&D when I was 10-14 years old. But you can't make fun of me because I'm 6'3, 200lbs.


10.  If you could have dinner with anyone, living or dead (no relatives or religious figures), who would it be and why?


I would have a blast with Joe Namath. Broadway Joe and I would paint the town red. We'd wine and dine the starlets, wear fur coats and arrogantly guarantee Super Bowl victories ‘til dawn. We would be the kings of New York, I tell ya.