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A segment about Gamers will be on Gamer.TV on STARZ.

ABC interviewed Chris Folino, Gamers' director, William Katt & Roberto Blasini, D.P. of Gamers, on Dec. 29th

Chris Folino, director of Gamers, was interviewed on CNN Pipeline on Nov. 30th. The interview.

The Hollywood Reporter featured an article about Chris Folino and the making of Gamers in 2006.

Trailer and Clips

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For the last 23 years, a group of friends have lived life to the fullest...in the fantasy world. Obsessed with a role playing game called Demons, Nymphs and Dragons these Gamers are the subject of this hilarious comedy which chronicles their journey to make it through their horrendous lives while attempting to break the world record for role playing over 74,558 hours.

The Obsession, The Sacrifice, The Blind Dedication, This is their True Story...

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Learn the sordid truth about the making of Gamers, as well as latest news, in the director's blog... and be sure to check out the trailer and clips.

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