10 Questions with Chris Hollyfield

Chris Hollyfield is a man of the world and a lover of all things that deal with the Night Life.  No, he’s not a Vampire, he just loves to party. He is also a well known and respected motivational speaker who helps children learn to love and accept themselves. This is not a joke, the kids love him and so do the cast and crew of Gamers.  And he loves everybody, especially the ladies. Sometimes he loves a little too much and a little too often, but love is love right?  That’s what he says anyway. In Gamers, Chris plays a man who happens to be in the wrong place at the right time to become the center of a huge misunderstanding.

1. How did you get involved with the film Gamers?


I received an email about the movie and they needed the coolest li’l guy, so there you have it.

2.  Do you consider this film to be racially insensitive?

No, not at all.  But I should have had a kissing part, damnit man.

3.  Did you know you were up against Gary Coleman for your part in the film?

Yes, I heard that but, to be honest, I'm better all the way around.  I have never seen Gary with any females.  I'M A PIMP!

4.  Tell us a little bit about your character in the film.

I was just the cool black neighbor hanging out until some crazy white guys pissed me off.

5.  Did you enjoy being flown in from Florida to party in L.A. for the weekend?

Oh for sure.  I had a blast…thanks for having faith in me.

6. What was your favorite moment during filming?

Sizing up Kelly to see what…??? I wanted her.   Lol, you gotta smile!

7.  Is it true that you can actually kick Kevin Kirkpatrick’s ass?

Yes I can kick Kevin’s ass for real…serious.  Shit, I would crush him…lol....Kevin, you my boy!

8.  How did you like working with such a talented director like Christopher Folino? 

Chris was fun to work with only because he has the same name as me.  P.S. Chris, you never called me back, I'm kickin' your ass next...

9.  What was it like being in bed with Kelly LeBrock?

In bed with Kelly was wacked!  We had too many clothes on.  I wanted more skin.  I'M PIMP!!!!!!

10.  If you could have dinner with anyone, living or dead (no relatives or religious figures), who would it be and why?

I would want to have dinner with rapper Li’l Kim after she gets out of jail because after a good dinner I could see us in the bed for dessert. 
After spending 366 days in jail, dinner won’t be the only thing she wants. You go that long, you become a reborn virgin.  Ask KEVIN, he could tell you!  Lol…