10 Questions with Dave Hanson.


Dave Hanson plays the most pathetic character in any movie ever made.  His character is named Reese and he is, without a doubt, the worst RPG player in the world and a very unhappy individual.  Let's just say he had issues. Unlike his character, Dave Hanson is an incredible comedic actor who also happens to do stand-up.

Catch him at the Improv on Melrose before the boy blows up big time!


1- What attracted you to this project?


When I saw the breakdown and read what the story was about I was instantly interested in doing it because I thought to myself, “Yeah, I totally know these guys. This will be fun.” But then I read the script and I realized that I am one of these guys, and that scared me a little. But I decided the project was too funny to pass up.


2- What is your acting background?


I began acting in high school in Olympia, Washington. I went on to study Theatre and English at Whittier College. From there I went on to study at the Oxford School Of Drama at Oxford University in England. And after that I began performing Stand-up Comedy around Los Angeles. Aside from “Gamers” I have been a lead in the film “Living With The Rents” and guest starred on HBO’s “Carnivale” and appeared on NBC’s “Scrubs”.


3- For which role were you originally cast?


I originally auditioned for the role of “Paul”. And I had a really good audition. One of those auditions where as an actor you're like, “Yup! Nailed it! They loved me!”.  And then I didn’t hear from them for two weeks. Finally, they called but told me they wanted me for another part, the part of Reese’s boss (Played by William Katt). I said, “Yes, absolutely”, because I loved the script so much (and because I don’t have enough credits to turn down roles yet). But then a few days later they called again with a different part, slightly bigger, they wanted me to play. Again I said yes because I don’t have enough credits to turn down movies and I figured that if they kept calling me with new bigger roles to play, eventually I would get a lead. And a week before shooting I met with Chris to do a read-through and he handed me a script and asked me to play the part of Reese.


4- Tell us about your character in the movie?


Reese is the youngest of the five players and the newest. He used to deliver pizzas to the guys during game night and begged them to let him play. The problem is he sucks real bad at role playing games (more of his characters have died during playing than anyone else) and he has a bit of a chip on his shoulder because of it. Not to mention, he’s a 27 year old virgin. He has a lot of pent up anger in him. But I think he also feels the need to prove himself to these guys who let him play with them. So he’s constantly defending his actions to these guys who really like making fun of him.


5- How long did you actually get to prepare for the role of Reese?


I got the script and the part of Reese on the same day, six days before shooting. So we had three rehearsals and a couple of extra nights for me to try to learn the part. Not a lot of time, but you work with what you've got.


6- Tell us about your favorite moment on the set.


There are several. I would say it’s a tie between doing a “special” scene with Kelly LeBrock and having a late night discussion with the cast on the lamest super hero powers one could have. It was a tie between having the power to guess your enemy's favorite kind of cake and having the ability to fill one of your shoes with sand once a day.


7- Tell us about your most painful moment on the set.


The most physically painful moment was one of the last shots we did, where the characters branch out and try paint ball. I took maybe thirty to thirty-five paint pellets to my ass at close range by Kevin Sherwood. To his credit, he shot a nice grouping, but I couldn’t sit down for the rest of the day. Aside from that there were several emotionally painful moments due to public humiliation. Just watch the film and you’ll see what I mean.


8- Do you have any experience with Role-Playing games?


When I was younger some friends were really into RPG’s but about the time I got into middle school and high school, video games were taking over. I’m a huge video game nerd. I have several addictions in the RPG realm. My older brother is the same way so we play a lot of games together online. Our new favorite is “World Of Warcraft”.  I’m hooked. And it's starting to show in my social life.


9- How will your parents react to seeing you in this film?


I would hope they would react with laughter and pride...proud that their son is making a name for himself and bringing fortune and world renown to the Hanson name.  Most likely they will be humiliated, their social and professional lives ruined in their communities. My father will stop talking to me and my mother will weep every time my name is mentioned and I will be banished from the family. But hey, that’s show business.


10- If you could have dinner with anyone living or dead, but not related to you or a religious figure, who would it be and why?


Oh, it would be Meredith Zealy, who is in the movie. I’d have dinner with her. Are you kidding? Look at the pictures. She’s hot.