10 Questions with Fernando Velloso


Fernando Velloso is one of the most sought after freelance editors in the video game world. He is an Emmy nominated editor and his work can be seen in Film, Television, at E3, and on the web. Fernando came on board to act as executive producer, web designer, actor, and one of the lead characters was based on him. He is a native of Argentina and a dedicated soccer fanatic.  He is also purported to eat squirrels, but we will neither confirm or deny this vicious but amusing rumor.  We sat down with Fernando Velloso to put him the spot for 10 questions.


1. Why did you get involved with the movie Gamers?


This project isn’t a simple idea that one day came out and got done...not at all. Every person involved has a long story to tell about how they ended up being part of this. On every corner of the feature you can find things that belong to every one of our backgrounds. Chris, with his great perception and sense of humor, did a great job of putting a lot of that together in one script. Personally, I had a long journey before I got into this project, not always pursuing the great dream of doing a movie, but just trying to get a better life for myself and my family. A great project always starts with a leap of faith and thirsty people. That’s what we are. Everybody worked hard and the only luck we had was that we found each other.


2. The character in the movie named Fernando is played by Joe Nieves and is based on you. How did that happen and how close is the character to your real in real life?


Well, I have to say that even though I wasn’t a veterinarian's assistant, I had some really crappy jobs, and to be honest I wouldn’t be surprised to find myself doing that kind of work.  Anyway, if they pay well, why not?  We had a lot of fun with Joe when he was trying to get into the character and I was helping him to get my accent. He took pretty much all my usual mistakes in English and put them in between lines. I’m actually happily married to Veronica and we have a beautiful baby named Virginia. The character has some of that and a lot of other things that happened in real life. I hope everybody enjoys his scenes and I’ll let everyone guess which parts where real and which ones not.


3. Tell us about the part you play in the movie?


I play Fernando’s father. What can I say? Al Pacino and Robert De Niro, forgive me please.


4. What was the hardest thing about making the movie Gamers?


To make this movie was in many ways like having a child (or two); sweet at the beginning and a lot harder towards the end.  The good thing is that just a little while after you finish it, you forget the pain and you want to do another one.


5. What is your favorite scene in the movie?


It is hard to choose THE scene. I loved Johnny and his sword scene; I think he did a great job pulling that scene off in pretty much one take. At the same time I laugh hard with a lot of other scenes.


6. Who is your favorite character in the film?


Well, again it would be unfair to go for one character, when all of them have things that I like and that make me laugh. But to be loyal, I have to stick with Fernando.


7. Tell us about the web site and how you came up with the design.  Will you be adding any new content?


A lot of these questions can be answered by talking about the budget, but in the end, this film was a wonderful community project where everybody was happy to help and participate. Even though we were in charge of some aspects of the movie and the website, almost everything is a mix of opinions and ideas. We needed a place to promote our newborn beast, and to show the world what we consider to be a great movie. We started with some ideas offline and we tweaked it until we went online. We know it is not a blockbuster’s website, but again, we think that there is some funny stuff that for sure people will enjoy.


8.  Will there be a sequel and if so what will happen to the Fernando character?


Hopefully, YES! There are already a lot of ideas popping up in every conversation. What will happen to the Fernando character? Well, if this movie does well, I can see him retired at the age of 33, living in Malibu by his friend's house. Oh, I mean me, not the character.


9. What is it like to shoot, edit, and have a killer web site for a movie in less than three months?


This was a magnificent experience. We learned a lot. We went from arguing to congratulating each other. We fought and we laughed. We had fun and we lost a lot of sleep.  However, we dreamt it and we got it done.


10.  If you could have dinner with anyone living or dead (not a religious figure), who would it be and why?


My parents got divorced when I was 3, after some years of trying, my mom took us to live with my grand parents. Because of that, my grandpa was like my father. Since he is now dead, I would love to have dinner with him…you know what, fuck him, I want to dine with the distributor that will buy this movie and make all of us freaking  rich!