10 questions with Michael Bell

Michael Bell is probably best known for his outstanding work as a voice actor, most notably as the narrator for the "e! True Hollywood Story" series. He also has the longest listing of credits on the internet movie database that I have ever seen. Seriously. You should take a look. I can't even begin to list all of his film credits and frankly, I can't imagine what possessed such a prestigious actor to take part in this film. Well, let's ask him.

1. Michael, as a world renowned voice actor, what on earth were you thinking when you agreed to take part in gamers? You must have really needed the money.

I originally signed on because Mr. Folino showed me his x-rays and coughed a lot. It was a mercy V.O., so the money was secondary. However, I intend to buy a yogurt and a box of fig neutons with my salary.

2. In gamers, you are the voice of the narrator. Did you pretty much just follow the script, or did you ad lib like many of the other actors?

Were those actors? I thought it was CGI. As to improving my part, considering that the spelling was so atrocious on the mustard stained napkin (at least I hope it was mustard) I was given as a script, they are lucky I was able to speak at all.

3. You are probably best known for your voice over work, but you have also appeared in film and television. Do you prefer working in a sound studio to being in front of the camera?

I prefer naps on my couch.

4. After reading the script and talking to the director, do you question his sanity and/or his sexual orientation?

His sexual orientation was clear when he didn't complain about my dogs jamming their noses in what passed for his crotch. I suspect he had a sardine sandwich in there.

5. You were forced to endure some unusual recording conditions in order for your audio to match the original on-location recording tracks. Tell us about your V.O. Session for gamers.

I have never worked nude and covered in buttered rice for a V.O. Session before. It was kind of fun. For "gamers 2", I hope we record indoors.

6. Do you think the movie gamers is a sort of “E! True Hollywood Story” about Chris Folino?

Much too long. Think short!

7. As a recently elected board member of SAG, how important do you think it is for an indie film to employ union actors?

“Non-union actor” is an oxymoron. Hiring a non-union actor for a film that you have worked so hard creating and scrounging up money for is equivalent to Chris asking a bag lady to watch his newborns…which come to think of it, he admitted to.

8. What is the strangest script you've ever been asked to read? How does the script for gamers compare?

The strangest script was a documentary for schools on "understanding nocturnal emissions", animated by Disney. Gamers is right up there

9. Your industry credentials are extensive, to say the least. What would you say are some of the biggest changes in film and audio recording since you started your acting career?

Stars, friends of the producers, real gangsters and sock puppets are being cast in jobs I used to do...although I still do a mean sock puppet.

10. If you could have dinner with anyone, living or dead (who is not a relative or religious figure), who would you choose and why?

I don't think I would like to have dinner with a dead person unless it was the president.